Hope (2002)

Many inspired Middle-Eastern pieces. Joining the Brothers are renowned performers John Bilezikjian, Sulieman “El Coyote” Feldthouse, and Stephen Skaggs, along with Michael Beach, J. Micheal Kearsey, Geoff George, Dennis Elmer, Brad Rapp, and Bruce Robertson.


Featured Artists

  • Michael Beach, lead vocals, Arabic tabla, dolalla, doumbeg, riq, def, davul
  • J.Michael Kearsey, electric bass, vocals
  • Geoff George, keyboards, vocals
  • Dennis Elmer, drums
  • Brad Rapp, guitars
  • John Bilezikjian, oud
  • Sulieman “El Coyote” Feldthouse, violin, jimbush
  • Stephen Skaggs, oud
  • Cheb Djamel, vocals
  • Bruce Robertson, drums


Track List

1. Guardian (American / Kurdish Rock)
2. Foq Ennakhal (Arabic Love Song Sung in English & Arabic)
3. Habibi – Nour Al Ain (Famous Arabic Pop Love Song)
4. Laz (Armenian / Turkish Dance Song)
5. Ah Nada Nada (Oh Nada ! Sung in Arabic & English)
6. In The Temporal (Slow Dreamy Middle Eastern Rock)
7. Raqs Al Beach (From the Hands and Drums of Michael Beach)
8. Chapkun Chapkun (You are Such a Flirt!)
9. Yesilim (My Green Dressed Sweetheart)
10. Siroon Achcheik (My Sweet Girl)
11. Salla Sana (Wave you Hand My Love)
12. Noura Noura (Noura My Love)
13. Jerusalem (Bring Back the Dream – Jerusalem)