“A sound that knows no borders” — LA Times

“It goes without saying that, from the get-go, the band has revealed a strong Eastern music influence, and their East-meets-West sound is an odd mixture of Don Henley sunshine, Steely Dan groove and the warbly vocals, syncopated percussion and arcing strings of George Harrison’s Maharishi experimentation”  — Rick Levin, Eugene Weekly (1/6/2012)

“… a wonderful journey marked by creativity, spirit, taste, and adventurousness. Their unique blend of musical and cultural influences… quickly won over our audience with inspired and infectious music. A most enjoyable, enlightening and fun experience. Truly look forward to the next time we can have the Brothers back.” — Kurt Bagnell, Manager of Presentations, The Banff Centre Banff, Alberta, Canada 2011

“If World Peace is ever going to come it will be because of the talent and devotion of people like The Brothers of Baladi. Be at the forefront of the wave that breaks the barriers and begins the peace process right here, while enjoying a great groove.” — New Times, San Luis Obispo, California

“Infectiously danceable…will lure grooving congregates to the floor, seats of chairs, and even table tops!” — Artvoice, Buffalo, New York

“A very high energy collection of songs dramatically different from each other, graced with a level of talent never heard on alternative radio. This is completely original music and, I admit it, ‘infectiously danceable.’” — Arizona Daily Star,Tucson, Arizona

“Your music inspired spontaneous dance and bringing together a variety of rhythms, cultures and people. It was one of the most diverse and thoroughly satisfied audiences we’ve ever had.” — Student Activities – University of Alaska Anchorage

“Brothers of the Baladi mix the insistent beat of Middle Eastern Music with equal parts Rock and Roll.” — Monterey Herald, Monterey, California

“Brothers of the Baladi have been an integral part of the presentation, and our central entertainment surrounding ‘The Quest for Immortality-Treasures of Ancient Egypt.’ They have provided authentic sounds to echo the Middle East through our Halls and proved exceptional muscians, able to kick it up, transitioning from Middle Eastern selections to contemporary dance music. When the Brothers played, everyone moved; truly a highlight of our opening and exhibit.” — Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon

“Just Do What’s Right is a very big sound… a thick fusion of old and new with aspects of belly dancing music layered with some fairly ambient vocals and electronica… these guys are taking liberties with traditional musics and generally winning on their bets.” — Adam Greenberg, Allmusic

“Just Do What’s Right spreads itself out across various world music based genres which is a serious and well timed diversion from the typical world fusion release. An exotic mix of planetary beat that allows you to dance, work out and relax.” —BM, Glide Magazine.com

“The Brothers bring to the table an organic, free-spirited sonic brew of some of the best elements of world music. It criss crosses all modern ornamentation in favor of oud and saz arrangements, highlighting ambient vocals that blend nicely with fusions of belly dance grooves.” — AP, Daily Camera

“A delightful oasis of sensual rhythms and superb musicianship that makes you dance. I always enjoy sharing the bill with these entertaining performers.” — Maria Muldaur

“The versatile band has been blazing trails in World Music for over thirty years, playing traditional offerings and bridging cultures from the Middle East to international Rock n’ Roll. Their passionate and organic music leaves audiences stirred and inspired.” — Jam Base

“….Brothers of the Baladi play music that makes regular
guys loosen their ties and dance on the tables.” — The Oregonian, Portland, Oregon

“Their versatility redefines the concept of World Music.” –Activity Board, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

“Anyone who has not seen them live is missing out. People were dancing in a well lit public place and that never happens. Bottom line – they make you move.” —Watermargin Cooperative / Program Board, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

“I highly recommend any university interested in diversity and multi-cultural activities to consider Brothers of the Baladi… Outstanding… the crowd loved and responded energetically and the techs loved working with the band.” — Boise State University, Boise ID

“Very hip… very unique.” — Leon Redbone

“Enjoyable, educational and an all around good time for all… your music inspired spontaneous dance… everyone loved the descriptions of the music and the incredible variety of songs you played… one of the most most diverse and thoroughly satisfied audiences we’ve ever had… we look forward to working with you in the future.” — Student Activities, University of Alaska, Anchorage

“…definitely had them dancing.” — Seattle Times, Seattle, WA

“They were the whole package… the perfect match for us… very organized and professional… put on an amazing performance… I hope to work with these talented performers and businessmen in the future…” — AS Presents, Chico State University, Chico, CA

“Exciting, Educational, Sensational… everyone danced… come back again” —ASMSU Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

“A sound that contains musical styles for everyone… a great concert.” — Program Board – Whittier College, Whittier, CA

“Let the Oud Times Roll” — Fresno Bee Fresno, CA

“Brothers of the Baladi are the ‘ real deal’ – a fresh take on an ancient idea.” —Diane Gordon, The Beat Magazine

“A mesmerizing and highly danceable mix of Middle Eastern and Rock styles…” —Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Express, Berkeley, CA