Gravity of Love (2016)

Gravity of Love (2016)

Brothers of the Baladi celebrates their 40th Anniversary with the release of their 12th album, Gravity of Love.  This album proves that there’s plenty of musical sharpness and hunger in their mix of Middle Eastern musical influences and Western rock.  Featuring the band’s first use of electronics and programming, the band made a conscious decision to push themselves and create something that really draws together musical cultures.

Featured Artists

  • Michael Beach: Lead Vocals, Doumbek, Zarb, Eddie Kirkjan Dumbeg, Mizmar, Zurna, Midjwiz, Nay, Riq, Tar, Davul, and Percussion
  • J. Michael Kearsey: Vocals, Fender Jazz Bass, Percussion, and Islik Sesi
  • Clark Salisbury:  Vocals, Oud, Saz, Guitar, Dobro, Charango, Fretless Bass, Electronics and Programming
  • Charles Pike: Vocals, Percussion, and Drum Kit

Guest Artists:

  • Daniel Eshoo:  Kanoon on Sevgilim
  • Paul Beck:  Cymbalon on Saba Samir

Track List:

1. Piece of the Rhyme
2. Mavi Mavi
3. Peace is the Power
4. Sevgilim
5. ¿Dónde están ahora?
6. Saba Samir
7. Only You (for Jude)
8. One Rainy Wish
9. When You Dance
10. Gravity of Love