Dance with Gladness (1982)

The Brothers of the Baladi’s debut album, offering two full traditional Bellydance routines [11 & 20 min.] with lots of saz, oud, nai, mizmar and drums.


Featured Artists

Joseph Pusey: lead vocals, oud, saz, nai, psaltery, arghul, mizmar, percussion
Michael Beach: vocals, darbuka, tar, def, riq, zils, tabla beledi, bells, claves, percussion
Christine Gault: vocals, zils


Track List

1. Raksat Assabaya
2. Psaltery Solo
3. Ah Ya Zane
4. Nai Taksim
5. Drum Solo
6. Salem Aley
7. Ah Ya Malben
8. Azi Zam
9. Dueling Drums
10. Hassan
11. Al Maya
12. Raks Baladi
13. Untitled
14. Untitled
15. Untitled