Just Do What’s Right (2008)

The band’s Grammy-nominated cross-cultural musical expression of peace and love, featuring a fresh, contemporary sound. Includes “Baladized” classics such as Stephen Stills’ For What it’s Worth, Chris Rea’s Nothing to Fear, and Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World, as well as fresh takes on traditional Middle Eastern and World music.


Featured Artists

Michael Beach: vocals, Arabic tabla, zarb, riq, def, mezhar, bendir, mizmar, midjwiz, zils, timbales, qarabib, castanets
J. Michael Kearsey: vocals, bass, guitar, percussion
Geoff George: vocals, keyboards, piano, guitar
Mark Giles: vocals, drums
Daniel Eshoo: baglama saz, oud, baglama, hurdy gurdy
Ishmael: kanoon
John Smith: jimbush, guitar
Kerry Movassagh: guitar
Brenda Erickson, Youssef Boutros: violin, vocals
Eddie Parente: violin
Connie Bierbach: vocals
Lila Perry: vocals, zaghareet
Belinda Underwood: vocals
Richard Hankey: santoor
Bruce Robertson: drums, timbales, electronics

Track List:

1. For What it’s Worth
2. Just Do What’s Right
3. Sidi Mansour
4. Perom Pom Pom
5. Nothing to Fear
6. Peace ‘n’ Love
7. The Next Time
8. Wy’ek
9. Lyke Wake Dirge
10. No Shade
11. Belly Up
12. Wah Wah
13. Who is This?
14. Gole Khazan
15. Rockin’ in the Free World