Hands of a Thousand Dances (2003)

Band leader Michael Beach’s Solo CD, featuring many different traditional and nontraditional drum pieces, as well as a few wonderful melodic surprises.


Featured Artists:  Michael Beach, vocals, doumbek, Arabic tabla, riq, def, davul, argool, zils, drum kit, keyboard, percussion

Track List

1. Welcome (Oud Mood Bids you Hello)
2. Ana Wa Tablatee (Me and My Drum)
3. La Casa De Malfouf (The Malfouf Rhythm)
4. Chez Samai (10/8 Samai on Riq and Def)
5. Raqs Delilah (Many Drums for a Sister)
6. When I See The Dancers Dancing (Vocal Improvisation sung in Farsi)
7. Bir Dakika (A One Minute Drum Piece)
8. The Riq Stands Alone (Middle Eastern Classical Tambourine)
9. In A Masmoudi Mood (The Masmoudi Rhythm)
10. The Green Onion (A Four Part Persian Piece featuring the Zarb)
11. Saidi Street (The Saidi Rhythm)
12. Menage A Tar (Three Framedrums Make Love)
13. Baladi Backbeat (Acoustic Middle Eastern Drums Meet Drum Kit)
14. Leylet Arghool (Ancient Reeded Flutes driven by Folkloric Drums)
15. Oud Out Of Time (A Middle Eastern re-mix)
16. Hands And Sticks (Arabic Tabla meets Drum Kit)
17. Til Next Time (Oud Mood Bids you Good Bye)